[SOLVED] B450 + Ryzen 5600


Sep 4, 2018
Hey Guys,
wanted to ask more experienced people. Right now I'm running MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC with Ryzen 2600 without any problem. My question is if I update to latest BIOS (7B85v1F7 ) would I be able to run Ryzen 5600 on this MoBo?
@humming I only thought about that page last second. At first I was going to disappoint you, as the main page doesn't list 5000 series support, nor does the BIOS updates page. I was already typing my reply, then I had a clear moment and thought of the CPU support page. That's where I got surprised there's 5000 series support.
I know this has been solved.
I will be doing the same except from a 3600 for my son's BDay in July.
On the Msi forum there have been a few issue's of no boots that came down to Csm /Uefi boot.
So if it doesn't boot at first go into The Csm and switch it then back agian from what I undestand of it.
Good Luck