Question B450 Tomahawak Max - Case Fans running@full speed all the time


Oct 28, 2013
Hello all!
I recently updated my system and now I have a B450 Tomahawk Max + Ryzen 7 3700x. Everything was working fine until I messed up with a few things on my Windows and I ended up formatting my PC!
The weird thing is: after reinstalling the Windows, now my 3 case fans are always running @ full speed and it's so noisy! My case is a CMT230 and I can't connect the fans of this case to the fan headers on the MOBO since they all have only Molex connectors and not a 4 or 3 pin fan connectors. And checking the Bios, under the "Fan Control" menu, I've set it up like this:
CPU 1: PWM - Smart Fan Mode
PUMP 1: PWM - Smart Fan Mode
System 1 to 4: DC - Smart Fan Mode

So is there anything I can do to fix it?

Can you guys help me?
Thank you!
Is there any specific reason why this "problem" started happening only after reinstalling Windows?
It can’t have. If the fans are directly connected to the psu via molex connectors they can only run at 100%. Unless you have another fan controller that can adjust the voltage you have no control over them. Windows/PSU cannot change the voltage provided by the psu unless there is separate fan controller being used.