B450M & AMD Athlon 200GE EZ Debug VGA hang

Jan 5, 2019
So built a basic PC consisting of...

MSI B450M Pro-M2 AM4 DDR4 mATX Motherboard
AMD Athlon 200GE 3.2GHz processor
Crucial Ballistix Elite 4GB DDR4-2666 UDIMM memory
Windows 10 Home 64bit

This system has been running fine for its intended use for the past month/two months. It was turned off half five this morning, switched back on at half one this afternoon and now it wont boot!?

Looking at the EZ Debug LED on the motherboard the 3rd light from the top remains on, this I believe is to indicate a VGA problem. However this CPU/APU has built in graphics, which is what it has been using from the start, connecting to the monitor via HDMI.

I am a little lost now as to how to go about fixing this, never mind whats caused it. Nothing has changed on the system over the past month and a half, and certainly nothing since half five this morning when it was running fine.

Was there a Windows update last night that could of caused this?

Any help would be very much appreciated

Just to add. I have tried clearing CMOS, and there is only 1 stick of RAM in the system