Question B450m aorus + ryzen 7 1700x backpanel usb 3.0 does not work even in bios

Dec 4, 2019
recently i get the r7 1700x used cpu and new b450m aorus mobo
so when im plugged ssd and do a clean install of windows 10 x64, expect that all of 3.0(that in cpu controller) usb does not work
Totally dont know have they power or not, but i try most of common solutions like a install drivers from on chipset and cpu's , install gigabyte drivers, but not any progress
one time wifi usb adapter wake up in one lowest port, but until first reboot.
have listed so much forums about something sounds like the same problem
but everywhere different solutions
conclusion is that i need to install directly amd usb driver over the microsoft typical driver
but i dont know which driver to use and how to change it if some drivers says that they only for windows 7 or etc

if someone have something like this and other solution i will glad to hear you
p.s. its not a hardware problem i think so, and i dont have a chance to return this cpu and mobo(