Question b450m ds3h nvme not detected anymore

May 30, 2021
Hi guys,

Recently i've seen that my processor was raising up with temperature and i remembered that i didn't change the thermal paste in a while so i decided to do it, the problem is that this caused a little (big) problem.

Essentially since i've changed the thermal paste my motherboard is not anymore able to find/recognize my m2 nvme drive. My motherboard is a b450m ds3h v1.

Before everything started my BIOS was already on F41 version (which fixed a problem with nvme drives not being recognized) but just for the sake of it i've updated to the last version available without any success.

Aswell i've tried to reset several times the CMOS battery and trying to:

  1. plug only the nvme
  2. plug first my external HDD (that is always being recognized) and after the nvme
  3. first nvme and after HDD
and all these times by resetting the CMOS battery for 10 minutes.

I've seen that other people had troubles with faulty motherboards with the same problem, but should i believe that i started to be broken while i changed the thermal paste ???

Other notes: i've played with bios (uefi/legacy setups and aswell raid , fastboot and disabling CSM) but without success.

Do you have any clue ?
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