Question B550-A Pro Flash Bios Not Working - Stuck on Solid Red. Please Help!

Aug 15, 2021

After finishing my build, I plugged everything in, and pressed the on button. The gpu lit up, and all of my fans started spinning, etc, etc. However, when there was no video output it soon became apparent to me that I needed to update my bios (I used a 5600x for the CPU). It may also be important to mention that there is a light on next to cpu by the right hand side of the motherboard, indicating that the cpu isn't detected, or something is wrong with the cpu (I removed the cpu and checked it for broken or bent pins; there were none). I have been trying to flash the bios to fix this problem, but every time I do this, the red light blinks a few times and then stays red, even after I pull out the usb stick. When using a different bios version, after flashing a few times, my pc would turn on and then off, and then the light would stay red, without blinking. I've tried this with two different usb sticks with different sizes, and from different brands (Toshiba 8gb and Sandisk 128gb). By the way, I am using an MSI B550-A Pro motherboard.

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