Question B550 Tomhawk Debug

Dec 31, 2020

I built my first PC but I'm having some issues I hope you can help.

During Boot, I get CPU red light for 5 seconds then , VGA and Boot light flash on.

after about 5 seconds it boots as it should and takes me to my Windows logon but there is obv an issue somewhere.

one it boots the lights are gone.

I've tried the following...

Flashed new bios and CMOS Reset.
Took out 2 Ram slots and Swapped them around to see if it was a faulty unit.
New Graphics card
CPU and PCI Power lead checked
Latest Drivers and Firmware

I don't think it was doing this earlier/Yesterday but I updated the driver's Via Dragon and installed the Extra 32GB Ram today.
Ram is Sitting at 2100 MHZ, not 3200?

I believe there is going to be some setting in the bios that causing this but I'm not confident enough to mess.

the only thing I haven't done is resit the CPU but as it's booting and posting, I doubt it's this and I don't want to do it again.

CPU Idles at 30 Degreas and no crashes


I'm a new builder so please don't take the Mick that I'm struggling with.

Tomahawk B550 running the latest Beta firmware and was the most up-to-date before that.
Ryzen 5800x
Corsair RM750 Gold PSU Fully Modular ( only CPU and PCI Power plugged in)
64GB Corsair 3200MHz Vengeance Ram (4x16gb)
1050 4gb low profile Graphics
m.2 3rd Gen s70 1tb
6 x silent case fans
Coolermaster push-pull fan CPU cooler (maybe the split lead is causing a fault?)
Dec 31, 2020
your RAM settings changed to default of 2133 when the system detected the added RAM,
the added lag is probably the RAM parity check, you can enable fast boot in bios as well to skip that

ive turned on fast boot but still seems slow to me for a £1400 comp, its not that much faster on boot then my old 3010 Dell :( maybe im expecting too much?


Dec 8, 2019
Control Panel>System and Security>System>Advanced system settings

click Settings, Advanced Tab > Virtual Memory

Select Custom vs. System Managed. Choose a fixed size say 4GB vs. what Win10 estimates.... exit reboot....

the system will normally allocate a pagefile in proportion to memory (virtual memory as opposed to real), this isn't always necessary if you have tons of real RAM. it also allocates this at startup unless you preallocate on your primary SSD or HDD unless you've specified otherwise. So a few extras writes to allocate storage (which you don't use).