Question B550m Mortar wifi - Boot Speed?

Sep 16, 2020
Hello. My new system is, since 90days ago, a Ryzen 7 3700x, a B550m mortar wifi, and 16GB DDR4.

This motherbard does not include the "fast boot" option on it bios, so I was wondering about what can I do to speed up the boot proccess. The "Last BIOS Time" in windows does not go below 13-16 seconds.
I can't believe that a NEW and not a "budget" motherboard does not include this option.

¿Suggestions to improve speed? Thanks

Extra: I was thinking to change to an ASUS B550-F Strix Wifi, because its better antennas, better posicioned clear cmos jumper and options like the fast boot on the bios... But I doubt because the known failures on the ethernet port.
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did you freshly install windows 10 in UEFI mode on it?

manual of your board states:
∙ Fast booting - UEFI can directly boot the operating system and save the BIOS selftest process. And also eliminates the time to switch to CSM mode during POST.

update your BIOS to the latest version
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Some other common BIOS settings that can speed boot up: make sure boot order looks at the UEFI partition first; disable bootup using the network. Don't overclock memory so far it fails training; most BIOS's will try two or more times before failing to POST.

ADDED: and disable any option ROM's or network stacks on the LAN adapter. Totally unecessary unless your system's in a managed environment. Also enable secure boot in addition to running in UEFI mode.
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