Apr 13, 2011
Hey guys, I am trying to decide on a laptop and have a couple questions. The primary use will be homework, note-taking, working on word and excel documents, web browsing and e-mail checking. Right now, I plan on getting this Acer netbook from futureshop (yes, I am located in Canada):

Now, I happen to stumble upon two laptops that caught my eye. Both are Asus laptops (I find the brand quite reliable and customer support pretty good IMHO). The first is this:
It has a B960 processor, 4GB of RAM that is upgradeable to 8GB (possibly 16 GB, however, I am unsure), and the rated battery life is 3.5 hours, but is refurbished. The second laptop is the following:
This one comes with an E-450 CPU with integrated 6320 graphics and rated at 4.5 hours of battery life.

My question is quite simple, would it be worth an extra $100 (they have a promo right now that if you bring in an old laptop, desktop or netbook, you receive $50 off a purchase of certain brand laptops and desktops excluding refurbished and clearance items) to upgrade to either one of the models. And if so, which one? Would the B960 be suitable for light gaming ie HL2 series, L4D2, Portal etc. on lowest setting? How about the E-450? Thanks guys :)


Mar 29, 2012
I'd recommend getting something more powerful like the E-450 instead of the C-50 which is a really dog (so is the E-450 but less so). If you have the money, I'd highly recommend putting some more $$$ into the equation and buying yourself a better computer that will last longer and perform better.