Back-Up Solution...?!?


Jun 20, 2010
Hi friends,

Recently learned the hard way that we all should back-up our data after a hdd failed on me. i was able to salvage most data but it has scared me and now i'm looking into having a excellent Back-Up solution. I'm really confused on this and after a bit of reading and researching i'm here to ask a few questions.

My situation and requirements.

1 Main PC
1 Laptop

I would like to..

A. Back up the HDD data in the Main PC
B. Back up the HDD data in the Laptop

That's pretty much all i need. Just to back up my data from my Main PC and my Laptop. I don't have multiple users trying to access data from a centralized HDD ( i guess that's what is NAS )

I'm really confused between the functionality and uses of a NAS vs. Hard Drive Array. Trust me i tried to read up on both but it just jumbled up my mind even more.

I'm in the process of upgrading my Main PC which is 4 yrs old. So i was thinking of going for these options..

1. Buy a Lian Li PC Q08. It has space for 1 2.5" HDD and 6 3.5" HDDs. If i install a long graphics card then it can hold 4 HDDs.

So i was planning to install a SSD for OS and then have 2 drives in RAID for Data and then the other 2 Drives in RAID for backing up from the Laptop.

2. Buy a smaller case like Sugo 05/06 and have a 1 2.5" HDD for OS and 1 3.5" HDD for Data + External Backup solution like a NAS or a Hard Drive Array.

Which option makes more sense for my needs ?

So could someone explain me in layman terms the difference between a NAS and a Hard Drive Array or guide me to link which has easy explaination of same ?

Regards & Merry Christmas...! :)