[SOLVED] Background applications lagging while in foreground application?


May 4, 2013

So I used to have Windows 7 ultimate and had to upgrade to windows 10 pro because I upgraded my CPU from first gen i7 to a 7th gen i7 or so.

Anyways, I've not have much trouble with windows 10 except from one thing, which I find to be very annoying now. If I run a game or anything else that demands just a tiny bit on the PC (can even be a netflix movie or so) then anything in my background starts to lag, this means if I sit and play some game that doesnt require a lot of attention, I usually watch a stream on the other monitor, however its impossible due to the fact that the stream will start to lag and adventually freeze out with video (audio is perfectly fine and clear) if I then tap into the window the stream is running then it instantly runs smooth.

Same goes for recording, if I record or stream a game, if I go into the game, the recording/stream will start lagging and the outcome will become terrible, if I tap into the recording/streaming application while still having it recording, then it runs smooth.

It's as if theres a setting that slows everything down in the background to give out the best performance to whatever is in the foreground, I dont want that since that is VERY uneccesary with the computer I run it on, specially after the upgrades. I've been trying to google stuff but without luck so if you know something please let me know.

Thanks in advance.