Question Background apps flicker over focused program briefly


Feb 4, 2013
Recently, I have been having issues where programs that are not in focus will flicker on top of what I am currently doing. For example, I sometimes have different browsers open. so, I may be actively scrolling through something on Chrome while Firefox is still open. Not minimized...just not the focused app. And occasionally, when I move my mouse, or use the scroll wheel, the Firefox window will flicker on top of my Chrome page. Sometimes' I'm not even sure it is the tab that is currently the focused Firefox tab. It may be a tab that is open, just not the one I would see if I switched back to Firefox.

What could be causing this? I am a little concerned since a few weeks ago, I had a weird crash where when I tried to reboot, my computer didn't recognize my boot disk and instead booted from a second windows boot disk. But I didn't realize what was going on so I did a thorough check of components, removing the RAM and GPU. I actually took the opportunity to replace the RAM with new, better (and dual) RAM as well. Turned out the original boot drive was fine and for whatever reason, the BIOS just decided to default to a different one permanently. So I had to go back and tell it to boot from the original drive. And it worked fine. I did then also take the time, since my computer was still easily accessible for changes to switch over to an NVMe boot drive, so I migrated the old drive to that.

I'm a little worried that maybe I accidentally touched the contacts of the GPU and got some oils on it or something. I don't play modern games, so it never gets all that hot. I honestly don't think I have ever seen it above 55 or so. But that is all I can think of that could maybe cause this. Honestly, I can't even say if this is when the problem started. It may have been earlier. Or it may have been a couple weeks later. But I also would think that if it WAS a GPU issue, it would occasionally happen just randomly. Like, when I am reading a page on Chrome, not touching the mouse at all, so no scrolling or evne moving. But it doesn't. It only happens when I am actively moving the cursor on the contents of page, either by moving the mouse, or by scrolling and therefore effectively moving the cursor 3 lines up or down.

It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it seems to happen for a bit before stopping.

My system specs are:
Windows 10, latest update
Intel Core i5 10600K
GTX 1660 Super
2X8 Oloy 3000 RAM. (Running at 2666 because the crappy B460M motherboard doesn't support XMP)