Question Backslash Intermittently Not Working While Connected In Citrix

Jul 14, 2020

I'm currently working from home via Citrix and having an intermittent problem with the backslash key at prensent. The problem only appeared in the last week or so and was fine before that.

I'm using a chromebook and the key works fine outside of Citrix so I don't believe the problem is with my keyboard.

I'm connected to a Windows 10 PC within Citrix. Set to English (UK Keyboard)

When I click on the file explorer and hit the back slash key it acts like a down arrow for example. However if I hit the key in excel, it'll only tab down one cell and then no more if I continue hitting it. If I keep the key held down, it starts printing back slashes but intermittently. If I have the on-screen keyboard open, I can she the alt key flash intermittently when I keep my back slash key held down.

Then in other apps like Chrome, the backslash works as expected.

I also had a workmate connect and control my PC and they were able to key the backslash no problem in file explorer, excel etc.

Any ideas where I should look or what I can try to keep investigating this?