Question Backup HD partitioning


Sep 24, 2018
I want to partition a 5 TB HD that is fairly new & has probably 200Gb of pictures and documents on it now. Can I split that HD up into 3 different partitions without removing everything that is currently on it?


Sure you can, go into disk management right click on the drive you want to partition and click on shrink drive.

To get in to disk management
click on the start button in lower left or in the (search for anything box) and type Computer Management
on the left had side expand the Storage tab if its not already and then click on Disk Management

Once the drives populate just right click on the drive you want and tell it to shrink volume, once shrunk you will get a black box on the drive that says unallocated, right click on it and tell it to become a new simple volume. this will take you through the steps of making it a drive and giving it a drive letter. if you want to split that then just right click and tell it to shrink the volume again.


Do be sure to back up all of your photographs in some manner; online/cloud storage, NAS, portable storage, etc., before tweaking partitions, and so forth.

At least two full sets. Use backup software or simple Copy commands (not Move).

Ensure that the backup locations are physically isolated from the current host system.

Ensure that those photo backups are recoverable and proven readable.

If the partitioning somehow goes astray then you will still have copies of the photographs.

Plan the re-partitioning process all out, step by step, before actually starting to do so. Know what to expect with each step and the desired end results.

May catch some error of omission or commission that you can correct (or do over) before things become irreversible.
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