Jun 23, 2009
I know this is probably the wrong forum for this, but I always get the best responses here, and it does regard the system that I'm in the process of piecing together(all the parts are here, but I haven't assembled them yet).

The computer that I'm using now has the Win7 RC file stored, however the DVD burner won't recognize my DVDs. Go figure. All I need is to get this file off of this computer and transfer it to my new one. Is there another way, i.e. backup plan, for this? Can I use a flash drive, or whatever, to transfer the file and install it onto the new computer? Or may I just be screwed?
Yes you can, but you cant save it to the flash drive as an ISO. Also if you have one of the dvd drives that is picky and wont read all types of DVD's it might be worth the $25 to get a newer one with better performance and being able to read all forms of CD's and DVD's