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May 30, 2012

I work for a small software development company and could do with some advice if possible.

In house we have 4 main servers an AIX server and three Windows servers one is used for development one as an Exchange server and file store and the other is an application sever.

We are currently only backing up three of them as we have not applied a solution to the application server yet but before we do I think we need to take a look at what we have in place.

The exchange server has a total backup of around 240Gb and the development server slightly more we are backing up using Symantec Backup Exec and Either USB Drives or in the case of the development server Tapes.

My concern is if we do have a disaster the time taken to inventory, catalogue and finally recover the servers is not practical, we would be set to lose thousands of pounds a day.

So I am looking for another solution and would be interested in other peoples advice /solutions which might work for us. As an extra piece of information the Development server is getting old and we are thinking of replacing it in the future.

So far I have considered SAN's, NAS, Virtualisation and getting some sort of blade system in to house everything and then build up the redundancy but this would not really help in the backup situation.

Any help gratefully received.


having A network attached devices for backing every thing up is a first step. i would also look into companies like iron mnt or others that been in data back up for a long time. most companies now do clound and online backups. it may cost you 30-50 dollars a month or more but paing a small fee for off sight backup is key. if there a fire or flood at the office with the files online you can set up a new office the same day at a new sight and pull the old files down.


Dec 24, 2011
In the Software development company where I used to work as one of the system Admins
We had Nightly tape backups, in the rotating set (one set on site, one set off site)
As well as a SAN storing backup data and images of all our Servers (which was included in the tape backup)
As well as a Monthly Tape backup set that was always kept offsite


Mar 20, 2009
Not sure of your budget, what you could suggest is, a 3-5 tearbyte san, This is a low cost appliance, From there you use commvault, Now that is not cheap but this enable to your back up to a large LUN on the san and from do a aux to tape. So a 4-6 mag tape drive will be needed, Put this into play and your backup is realtime. Someone looses a file at 9:45 am your can replace it now.

Also commvault can be scripted to run a total Dr, So if you have a small VM-or microsoft hyper for virtual server, that is your DR, Your commvault can be setup to handle all of the options.

Good luck.


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