Question Backup Steam Games

May 25, 2020
Because of Comcast (they are starting data caps in January here),I want to backup my Steam,Epic,and Gog games. I'm not much of a Gamer, but I want to download and just store them on my external drive for future use. I know years ago I copied my Steam games to a new drive and broke something. I had to re-download my entire Steam Library...If I have to do that with a data cap,that will cost me some money!

BTW-can I run games off my new 12TB usb3 external drive?

You may have guessed,I'm not much of a gamer. But I do have lots of games I need to download and backup so I don't have to re-download in the future.

Thanks for any help!
For steam it´s quite easy to move the games folder to a different place and run it from there:

It´s possible to run the games from an external HDD

or a real backup


LOL, Built my current computer almost 3 years ago, decided to download all of my steam games.....just under 5TB. Needless to say i didnt know about comcasts data cap and got a nice email from them that i went over my limit. They do give you a oopsie over the limit twice a year, i ended up taking my computer to work every day with me and finished downloading my library. I now use Freefilesync to automate syncing my steam folder to my home server for backups, just in case my drive ever fails i dont have to redownload everything again.

Do keep in mind that with all your games downloaded they will update on their own if you leave steam open. If you dont leave it open all the games will want to update the next time you open steam which give a large surge of data download.