Question Backup Windows 10 S on New Laptop?


Apr 20, 2016
Hi everyone,

We have a new Asus netbook and are planning to install Linux instead of Windows 10 S (which came pre-installed)...

However, we would like to make a backup/recovery of the system before we install Linux. Could you please advise how best to do this?

Also (as another option), I would like to know whether it is possible to install and run Linux Mint on an external SSD drive (presumably connected via USB or possibly direct SATA connection)? If so, could you please advise how to do this?

Many thanks, D
There're utilities which will let you make a (compressed) file image of your partition. One of highly recommended utilities is Macrium Reflect

As to whether you can install Mint on external USB: As long as your laptop boots off USB, you can do that. Of course, you'll need two USB ports during installation.
Thanks jay32267

How do I clone the entire drive to a USB stick? By the way, my internal drive is a 64GB eMMC.
I'm sorry.....I was mistaken with my terms. You will not make a clone. A clone is and exact duplicate of all the data from one drive put on another drive. You will make an image file. With an image file.....all the data on the drive you want to back up will go into one file (sometimes compressed). This can go on a USB stick.