Backward installation of Win 98


Dec 30, 2004
Might seem like a backward step but I wish to install win98 SE on my laptop which has XP on at moment.
Reason is XP is playing up and somehow all the installation discs for laptop have been lost or thrown alway - such is life!
I have 98 on CD but of course laptop has no floppy drive to do all the fdisking and formating malarky.
What is the best way to install 98. I don't supose anything as simple as installing over XP would work?
Help please :roll:
No, it won't work... as XP was likely installed with NTFS and not FAT. You would have to re-partition the hard drive and reformat to get Win98 back on.

If your CDs are lost or damaged, why not just get a hold of the manufacturer and request they send you the CDs again? It may cost you some money, but at least you'll have everything you need. Also, you can try borrowing an XP CD from someone else and simply using the license key from your laptop.