Question Backwards compatibility of new display on older PC

Sep 20, 2020
Thanks to this community I built a computer seven years ago that has served me very well. I don't like the wastefulness of constantly upgrading parts and prefer to make leapfrogs every so often when I feel like I hit the limits of the device's desired usefulness. I use the rig for gaming and light video and photo editing and have been considering an upgrade to meet the next generation of games to come. It might be this fall, or maybe next year.

What I do want to change up now though is my display. I've been looking at the Dell (

But I suspect there would be some challenges considering my current system will not be able to support the 1440p format.

i7-4770k 3.5 ghz
16 gb RAM
Asus Pro something motherboard
GTX780 Ti. 3 gb
Windows 10-64

Can someone confirm whether or not I can upgrade a display a few generations before the new computer is needed?

Thanks in advance!
You can upgrade the display.
Older gpus might not support the hdmi/Displayport revision for the full resolution or refresh rate of your monitor.

If I remember correctly the 780 Ti supports hdmi 2.0, which is good enough for your monitor.
And DisplayPort 1.2 which I'm pretty sure is also enough.
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