Question Bad AA in multiple games on new PC

Dec 7, 2021
Hello guys I just recently built a new pc and I have been noticing really bad AA in some games where it was minimally bad before, sometimes it seems AA is not working because I even see jagged edges in games like overwatch, I have recorded a little bit of gameplay from Hunt showdown and Overwatch 2. I have not touched Nvidia settings much and did try changing the in game AA settings but nothing seems to help or change at all.
Pc Specs:
Ryzen 7 5800x3d
Rtx 3080 12 gb
32 Gb ram
850 watts PSU
1440p monitor
I have tried DDU and changing a few settings but it did not help.

Overwatch 2:

Here you can see the blue lines and stairs appear jagged when I'm further away but when I move close enough they are fine, this is so in mostly all games I play the texture is shimmering and jagged until I move up close

Hunt Showdown:

this game is literally unplayable because from a distance everything looks so extremely bad.
I'm just really overwhelmed I was really excited with this new pc and now I do not understand if this is GPU issue or what exactly, any help and suggestions are really appreciated, thanks.