Bad company 2 wont run mutiplayer


Jul 19, 2012
I need help with this all my FPS games have done this to me i click on mutiplayer and it says something like connection failed or You hacve been disconnected from battlefield severs or all sever are down when i ask other people they say it works for them i tried it at least 10 times and its starting to really annoy me battlefield 3 did it,MW3,Bad Company 2 and TF2 so all i ask is that you help me fix this problem
sounds like the firewall may be the problem. its allowing dhcp but blocking udp or something along them lines. open your firewall fully or set it to learning ode while you install the games. see if that fixes it... quick test would be to disable the fire wall to see if thats the issue. it could also be your router not forwarding the ports properly. especially if you have multiple pc's connected to... sorry i cant be more help... no sleep for 2 days...