Question Bad Drive and Boot Order

Oct 11, 2020
Just built a new PC because I knew my laptop was failing. this is the build (

If you notice I have no SATA based storage. my laptop ends up dying a couple days after I finish the PC, i get a windows 3F0 error, need to install an OS even though there is a 2.5 HDD in the laptop, so I remove it and plug it into the new PC to see if I can still read files off of it, so I get it plugged into the motherboard and try and plug it into PSU and computer wont turn on with the SATA connection plugged into PSU so i remove hard drive keeping the cable for sata plugged in and still cant boot, unplug the sata cable and pc boots fine.

I put my m.2 as boot drive and tried connecting again with no luck, tried using a different sata power cable nothing tried different sata data cable nothing, could be a bad drive but it doesn't explain why my PC cant plug the sata cable in, any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thinking of taking the drive to a data recovery shop or something.