Question Bad Flash GTX 970

Sep 25, 2019
Greetings everyone !

I had this graphics card for 5 years Palit GTX 970 OC, and the card was used mostly overclocked all the time, last month I decided to use a custom ROM first time I used a EVGA rom, and I bricked it, had just to use the
original rom, the graphics cards was working but with big artefacts, so I managed to make it work again, and this time I started to tweak the original rom using MaxwellBiosTweaker, it worked perfect, till today when i made again another rom but with TDP Max a little higher just that and I flashed it and when the computer rebooted I got a strange rezolution and the screen is full with artefacts. I restored the original rom with nvflash but it is the same. The graphics card is not recognized in DOS using nvflash tried that method too.

I wanna mention that this type of artefacts I had with EVGA rom but didin't had the rezolution problem.
Is there something that I can do in this situation, I also disassembled the card and I was looking for burn spots but everything looks normal.

pc specs:
i7 7700k
16gb 2400mhz
msi b250m mortar
nvidia gtx 970 palit oc edition.