[SOLVED] Bad hard drive hangs diskpart. How to fix?


Feb 20, 2020
Hi, I recently bought a SATA bay drive for my laptop to get a dedicated drive for booting Linux. I didn't buy an extra hard drive as I already had one from a previous laptop that died a few years ago. So I plug it in and the speed is atrocious. I tried to format it with Windows, I tried Gparted and even tho they did format it, the drive was broken, inaccesible. At times, I could transfer some files, but when trying with larger files it usually hangs at a point and says that the drive got disconnected or something of the sorts, no longer recognizing it until it is replugged to the computer. So, looking for fixes I saw that using diskpart was an option, but when I run the program, it hangs and does nothing. Disconnecting the drive makes the program work. I also saw a similar thing with Gparted, it said sda (that's the bad drive) had bad sectors and whatnot. Now the PC doesn't detect it at all, when I run Disk Management it hangs when the drive is on it, diskpart does the same, I can't do anything with this piece of crap. I don't care about the data in it, I just want to have it working again. Before it completetly broke, I saw that Crystal Disk Info marked it with a "Caution" sign... What could I do?

EDIT: Crystal Disk Info detected it again... somewhat, it's not giving me much info:
Bummer, I really can't afford a new drive right now... oh well, I'll see if somebody comes up with a miracle solution or something.
Even after some "solution", it is a physical device with moving parts.
Don't trust any data to it.

Drive die. All of them eventually.
This one is on its last legs.