Bad hard drive ,HD Controller or MB chipset


Mar 28, 2012
First problem was slowdown in general on everything longer boot into windows random crashes in Google .

Next prob it failed to load the nvidia on board video drivers got stuck on a light blue screen w/circle of death would not load windows normal or safe mode also would not run start up repair from safe mode either. Made a startup repair CD on my other computer went into bios set Cd as 1'st drive booted this comp from that
after several times running startup repair from CD it started working normally . chkdsk f /r found corrupted volume C and some file in google I think and replaced those files .
it found 4kb in bad sectors and marked them .

About 3wks later same thing would not load windows ran startup repair CD got it working chkdsk f /r found 1180 KB in bad sectors it added 2 bad clusters and corrected the volume bitmap. it's been holding steady at that.for 3 days no errors in event viewer then 7 errors in event viewer today . chkdsk only no /f /r for 3 days does not report any more bad clusters or sectors since last chkdsk f /r
but 2 occurrences of each error showed up again in win event log in last 3 days both errors occur at the exact same time could be related ?
I wonder if these are logical read errors or bad physical sectors as in a failing drive or maybe a bad /failing HDD controller or motherboard chipset

Comp is working fine for now no bad files found today sfc /scannow finds nothing either . Of course the smart drive fails the HP test (otherwise windows would not see errors as the smart drive would take care of them first. ) also it fails Seatools smart test and will not go to extended test but it passed both short and long Western digital lifeguard drive tests .and windows chkdsk /f /r

Avast, Malwarebytes and MSE come up clean . defrag works also drive is only about 30% full . system works good back up to speed and all now.

What is interesting it works fine now but every 3 days I get about 7 disc errors in a row in event viewer along with 7 nvstor64 errors . I updated MB chipset drivers HDD firmware
and video drivers.I'm thinking an HDD controller error or MB chipset error?

Thinking about zeroing the drive and a clean format install . But then again if the bad sectors do not increase maybe it is just trying to read a corrupt file but then again chkdsk should point the hdd away from the ones already re allocated and it should not have read errors so maybe it is the drive or controller no noises though .

Computer is a readymade HP s5302f Win 7X64 HP SP1 slimline with an Athlon II X 2 240 4 GB ram 750GB Seagate 7200RPM sata III barracuda hdd,and dvdr+rw , Nvidia 6150se on board video HP , motherboard is an HP pegatron narra 6 motherboard Nvidia MCP61 chipset , 6.01 bios and an add on Asus DGX PCIE sound card w stock P/supply I'll post the logs below in case any one would like to hazard a guess all software and windows updates/hotfixes are current drive is only 30% full

winevent logs

Disk error,

Log Name: System
Source: Disk
Date: 5/18/2013 8:25:32 AM
Event ID: 7
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: xxxx-PC
The device, \Device\Harddisk0\DR0, has a bad block.
Event Xml:




nvstor64 error ,

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-UserPnp
Date: 5/17/2013 3:19:13 PM
Event ID: 20003
Task Category: (7005)
Level: Information
Computer: xxxxx-PC


dying hard drive.

i had something similar happen to me 10 years ago. pretty much the same symptoms. just random sectors going bad... random info losses.

its a dying hard drive. if it's new, return it, if its old, replace it. do it soon before you lose the data. cause soon it won't work at all.


Mar 28, 2012
Not surprisingly the hdd finally crashed after months of nursing it along with
win 7 x 64 chkdsk and startup repair .

Sea tools or WD lifeguard couldn't finish long tests unreadable
bad sectors at this point sometimes bios wouldn't see hdd either it was finally totaled.

Funny thing is it has an Linux Ubuntu/Wubi virtualization install on it that boots and works fine
I will make a new Linux real dual boot partician and clean install + copy the Linux files to the new drive .

Linux Ubuntu was telling me the drive was failing every time I booted into it also the
Linux drive utilities couldn't fix it either the outer part of the drive where the old
windows os partician was finally totally gave it up and it was getting a bit noisy .. another clue .
linux wasn't lying !

I put a new single platter ST1000DM003 1 GB Seagate Barracuda w/64 mb of cache in it's place
pretty fast all in all . I had my data ,,application set up files and utility files backed
up so a clean install was done and files loaded.
unfortunately my media files were not backed up
Ubuntu can see then in the host folder and I can view them with Linux even though they are
windows files but windows on the new drive or the Linux Ubuntu wubbi install on the old drive
can not copy the files over to the new drive so that's another problem I might start a thread on that.
anyway thanks for the good advise .

ofc Microsoft loaded about 300 win 7 updates but it's fine now and faster. The old drive was
slowing down and the new single platter drives are about twice as fast as the older drives anyway .

In retrospect I should have taken the good advise here at the first Smart drive warning with the bad sectors
visible to windows outside of the smart drive reserve and back up of media files .


Jan 27, 2013
Good to hear your system is running better now. Hope you can recover some files of the old drives data. You could give Recuva Free or Undelete 360 a chance. Or else try to get a Hirens boot CD and boot it in mini windows mode from the CD. Good luck.


Mar 28, 2012

I was able to recover the files Using a pre existing dual boot Linux Ubuntu/ Wubi install
on the failed drive it would load Ubuntu but not windows .
I tried all the usual boot CD's including a live Ubuntu Disc and some drive utilities even Glary recovery
nothing would load except the pre existing Ubuntu /Wubi section.

Linux Ubuntu allowed me to access all Files,folders and directories and copy them out to an external drive
then install them on the new drive .

I had to unplug the old drive (recently moved to sata port 3) to get the new drive on Sata 1 to load windows
normaly .

I could boot into the OLD drive with both connected via the boot menu then load Ubuntu
and copy the windows Files to an external drive .

I was able to recover everything I just had to unplug the old drive every time I wanted to load windows on the new
drive even though it was selected manually each time first in the boot menu then install the recovered files from the external drive.

For some reason if I plugged the Old drive in Sata port 3 after windows was loaded on the new drive the new drive would only see
the FUBAR windows OS partician but nothing else on the old drive so my origional plan of just using linux to copy/move the old files to the new
drive wouldn't work without an external drive.

The Linux Ubuntu virtual install came in handy .
The old drive was noisy but I was able to recover everything about ~ 450Gb of media and document files so that was cool.

Lucky I had the drivers, important Doc's ,applications + Win 7 HP set up files backed up on DVD's ofc some apps were downloadable .

I'm wondering if I would have had Linux Ubuntu on a regular dual boot partician on the old drive rather than a virtual wubi installation
on the old windows drive if I could have used the second drive as a slave and just moved the files without the need for an
external drive ?

I also installed Linux Ubuntu /Wubi on the new drive .

ofc after this I might re think my lack of sound back up strategies for the media and other data files .

Nothing like a clean install after 2 1/2 years on win 7 x 64 .
The new single Platter 1TB Seagate is a lot faster almost twice as fast on Passmark
Disc mark now even though they were both 7500 RPM. ofc The old drive was slowing down over time .

I Have an upgraded Phenom II x 4 CPU to replace the Athlon II x 2 coming tomorrow so hopefully that will go smooth
I've confirmed the MB and bios support the one I'm getting so it shouldent take more than a
few minutes and a dab of themal paste.

Trying to get this one a bit closer to my Intel S/B box although it will never beat it
for the most part but it's fine for a daily driver .

Thanks to all that replied and otherwise took the time to read this if nothing else it was good learning experience .


Jan 27, 2013
Good to hear all went as good as it did. Just get rid of the old HHD. You will get more bad blocks on it after more usage. Eventually it won't be accessible anymore.


Mar 28, 2012
Thanks for the reply old drive is not in use once I recovered and copied the files it'a a paperweight now :)
although it still contains lots of data and media files . It was good learning process all in all.

I have an identical Win 7x64 /Linux Ubuntu/wubi dual boot set up on the new drive in case the windows OS gets hosed and the drive still spins like the old one good insurance short of a real back up ofc .