Bad Hard Drive Issue


Apr 2, 2010
Hi all,

I have a brief question for everyone. I have a Western Digital 1Tb SATA HDD that has gone bad. It's only a secondary storage drive but whenever I plug it into the SATA slot, Windows won't start. Prior to it going bad, having it plugged in would cause windows to slow down and cause incredible application lag, so I'm just assuming something's buggy in it. BIOS can detect it, though, so I'm hoping that if I reformat it, the problems will be fixed. Anyway, the question I have is, whether or not I can salvage the data on it. I can't access it through windows the typical way but I'm wondering if there are any external enclosures I can buy to try and bypass the Windows startup issue. Perhaps once Windows is in fullswing, it'll pick up on the HDD. First, does this sound plausible before I drop a couple bucks on an enclosure? Second, are there any enclosures you all would recommend? Lastly, assuming the enclosure thing doesn't work, is there anything else I could try in order to salvage the data? Thanks in advance, you all are always helpful.


Since you can access it, I would suggest you copy what you want to your primary drive and then do whatever. There are external enclosures that will let you plug a sata into a usb. Also if it is under warranty send it back. WD will not fix it but will send a rebuilt to you. There are also many external HD products that may suit you