Question "Bad image" errors and chkdsk finds bad sectors. Help me diagnose?


Dec 8, 2011
So, my mom has a pre-built Dell computer from 2014 with Windows 7. It was getting a little slow and I planned on replacing it soon anyway, but there's a pandemic so I had to cancel a trip to see her.

So, today her computer kept showing error messages about "bad image" for various .dlls and .exes. They would all say something like "___ is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error." Her computer would be stuck and unusable, even after dismissing these messages. I could get the computer to start in safe mode, but it still seemed to get slow and stuck. I tried to use "last known good configuration" but it didn't fix anything. I googled what to do, and found that I should try SFC /scannow. When I did that, it got stuck at 16%. I tried to use DISM.exe to scan it and that couldn't even be found. I finally tried to do a chkdsk scan and rebooted her computer.

As chkdsk was working, it listed a few file record segments as unreadable, and it said that some bad file records were processed. It deleted some index entries, blah blah. After that, the error messages disappeared but the computer would still be stuck and not functional. When the mouse hovered over any programs in the task bar, the little thinking wheel would spin.

Is there anything else I can do to make it work at all? Or is it just dying and I need to get a replacement shipped to her? My mom isn't allowed to leave her house because of this pandemic, so a working computer is important.