Question Bad memory or motherboard?


Aug 27, 2017
I had my 9900K custom loop build running for 3 months and was totally fine until yesterday/the day before.

The day before, I got one random crash while watching youtube with Chrome. Totally frozen, and I restarted by the power button.

It got worse yesterday, I have got BSOD with the message "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR". I waited until the progress hit 100% and it restarted by itself.
At the moment I got to desktop after login, another BSOD (same message).
Did chkdsk and seems fine. After that I went resetting BIOS to factory default, and it seems fine for now.

Not sure if it was because of windows update (because it was running during the weekend) or bad mb/ram??
For BIOS setting, I didnt do anything fancy except putting up the XMP. After BIOS reset, I am running 2133MHz at the moment.

My spec is listed below
CPU: i9-9900K (stock)
MB: Maximus XI Hero Black Ops
RAM: Trident Z 3000MHz CL16 32GB (4x8GB)
Display card: Asus Strix GTX1080
PSU: Corsair RM650x
Cooling: EK cooling parts
Storage: SM961 + 850EVO + Toshiba 4TB
You can test your ram with memtest86.
You should be able to complete a full pass with NO errors.
Using 4 sticks on a two channel motherboard was a mistake but should not have caused a problem
assuming it is a single kit.

Windows has been known to cause issues with updates.
For that reason, I think it best to set up system restore so you can reset back to a previous time.
Take user checkpoints before doing anything remotely risky.

XMP specs is imbedded in the ram and represents the ram vendor's opinion on what is necessary to run at the advertised speeds.
That is what should be used.
The fact that you seem to be doing ok at a lower speed suggests a possible ram connection.

Sometimes a motherboard will have a bios update that addresses stability issues.
CPU-Z will tell you what your current bios level is now.
If you find a bios update that seems to address your issue, you can flash your motherboard.
Read about the process carefully and do not get impatient and interrupt the process.
It will look like nothing is going on for minutes at a time.