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Bad Memory


Dec 23, 2010
I ran memtest and got 1000's of errors. I have 2 sticks of Patriot G-series 2gb PC2-6400 ddr2-800mhz ram. I switched them out and discovered only one was giveing me errors. When I tested the bad one alone I got over 1000 errors in less than 30 secs. My computer seems to run ok with them both in, and its displaying 4gb of memory. Do I need to immediately remove and replace the bad stick or is it ok to keep useing it?

If you are the original owner, try going to patriot's website and request an rma for the bad stick. I've never seen a bad stick mess up a board ram slot. If windows is running without bluescreens, you may be ok, but if the stick is bad, eventually you'll get bluescreens with ram error codes.
(1) Try running prime 95 (blend mode - default). If you get errors - REMOVE, and as o1ldie indicated RMA the bad stick. Just run with the one stick until it is replaced.

(2) If getting errors in windows (ie prime 95), bluscreens or not I do not recommend continued use of the bad stick. You never know if the bad memory location is Data, part of an instruction, or a location. The first two are normally not a biggy - it's the 3rd one that can bite you big time as the location may be altered to point to the FAT, the boot sector, or even worse a bios location.


Oct 22, 2011

try to use memory diagnostics of windows 7 to solve this problem of ram errors :)

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