Question Bad output echo

Aug 15, 2019
So I recently built a new PC, on my old PC everything I did (watching a youtube video, playing games, etc.) would echo through discord whenever I did it. This problem has persisted through to my new PC as well, so I figured it must be the headset, however I recently purchased a new headset and the problem still persists even now. Even with my headset unplugged/muted my friends are able to hear my system and videos via discord. I use an audio splitter that, when unplugged, stops any echo from being heard. So I figured that must mean its the audio splitter, except I bought 2 new audio splitters and the echo still exists. So I'm down for trying anything, and I have to get to the bottom of this cause its driving me insane. To recap, this has persisted through 2 pc's 2 headsets, and 3 splitters, so it has to be something with software right?

A list of some of the things I've already done:

Stereo Mix disabled/muted

Plugged the Mic part of the splitter into my back audio port, and the headphones into the front audio port and vice versa

Reinstalled all audio drivers several times

Listen to this device is turned off

and a few other minor things I can't remember at the moment


System specs - hardware and OS?

What audio devices are you using and how are they connected?

Have you right-clicked the small speaker icon (usually located in the lower right screen corner) and explored the various audio configuration settings and options that are available?

Any audio cable connections inside your PC? Ensure that those connections are necessary and correct.

Windows 10? Try running the built-in Audio troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Are you familiar with TS, TRS, TRRS? If not:

You may have some mismatched connections/standards with respect to your audio devices. e.g., those splitters.