Question bad performance on a good pc


Aug 19, 2019
I have gtx 1070
I5 7600k
16gb ram
and I get bad fps on some games like warzone and battlefield
on warzone I get 40-55 fps on everything low
battlefield 5 I get 40-60 fps everything low
what could be the issue ???

I noticed this issue on warzone few months ago. Before I was getting good fps on warzone
and I just bought BF5 and I am getting really bad fps so I thought something is wrong for sure
I dont understand what do you mean. is there a way to fix that or is my cpu just bad ? notice that I used to get good fps on warzone months ago
Your CPU has 4 CPU cores and 4 processing threads. The BF5 usually runs best on 6-8+ cores or 6-8+ threads. So a CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads, like an i7-7700K, would run games much smoother than a CPU with 4 cores 4 threads like your i5-7600K.

If anything is running in the background using CPU, you are going to have lower game performance because the games are already starved for CPU threads. Also, something may have changed in a patch on Windows or a game that is causing worse performance.
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