Question Bad Pump Again??

Jun 20, 2020
Specs are as follows:
R5 3600
ASUS B450-f gaming
LPX 16gb 3200 ( currently stock)
EVGA 2070s
Corsair H115i platinum

So I'm kinda at my wits end with this as I've had this happen twice and don't think it's the products issue but am not sure. I have unplugged and plugged in everything and double checked. I am aware of something about ICUE messing with the USB bus on the mobo but i have disabled start on startup as well to no avail. The pump is directly connected to the PSU ( 1000w) and the rgb doesn't even light up. When first installed the block lit up red but the fans aren't spinning, then I got the fans to spin by plugging sata power to a atx to sata cable thingy but then the pump did not light up anymore after that no matter what i did... I have set bios options to ignore this and that but that doesn't fix my issue. EVERYTHING IS UP TO DATE AS WELL, drivers and all. ICUE is up to date as is my motherboard bios and drivers for everything else. Please tell me this is actually a common issue with an easy fix and I've just had crap luck finding people with the same problem lol... thanks again!!!