Question Bad ram only when at full speed, full power?

Nov 8, 2022
So I built a PC in March with these specs:

B660m Aorus Pro Ax DDR4
2x8GB ddr4 ram (16gigs)

It randomly started having stability issues. Mainly when I stress test it or a lot is happening. Stressing it with apps with multiple threads etc.

I swapped out the power supply. Now today just swapped out the motherboard (I was so sure it was the board!) with a:

MSI Z690 board (don’t have the exact box in front of me right now to see exact model).

It seems to have the exact same problem… so the only things left that it can be is either the cpu or ram. Since it’s two sticks of ram I’m going to test to see if one plugged in has the problem and swap them etc. it seems unlikely BOTH sticks would just go bad at the same time right? Update: problem exists on both sticks (either one plugged in while the other one is unplugged

Has anyone ever had a cpu fail? Worked fine when I got it under stress. The temps are great. 27-45 degrees max. On the old motherboard I noticed the VCore dropping too low (below 0.4).

It immediately shuts down when I hit the stress button in cpu-z… on both motherboards.

If I underclock the cpu (the 100mhz clock turned down to 90) it’ll work for a while before shutting off. I can go to about 95 and it’ll work for a few seconds longer but eventually shut off).

It all seems to point to a cpu issue. It’s driving me crazy because I already swapped most parts out.

is it possible both sticks of ram are crap and both are giving it issues? I’m running memtest86 right now while underclocked. I guess I could try it while at full speed as well since memtest doesn’t run with an operating system and might not shut down as fast as win/Linux.

So my question about ram stability is - would having the cpu run faster make it more likely for the ram to fault? I don’t know how much ram use the cpu-z stress test would use.

Oh another thing is on the first motherboard I was getting alerts in windows about the cpu VCore voltage going too low. Maybe the cpu internal power related stuff went bad? If it has any..