Bad re-installation/Repair Windows 8.1 how can I delete manually booting files?

Sep 26, 2018
My motherboard failed, so I need to look for some files in a different computer, but put it in the wrong drive port so when it started that computer the new drive was the new boot drive... as it had different motherboard and components, it started the repair sequence, but at some point got stuck... so now it doesn´t load the regular system neither the repair thing... is there any way that I can use to delete manually those repair booting files so I can get into the regular system? Thanks!

  • 1 take that drive out and put it aside (this is the drive that has the data you want)
    2 put your old drive back in and leave it where it was originally
    3 if it boots ok, then
    a. shutdown and put the other drive in a SEPARATE port, leave everything alone, just find a new drive port
    b. you will have to get the original drive to boot, repair or clean install, but do not have the drive with the data you care about plugged in while you get the original one to boot up and load windows properly

    4 now boot up and you should be able to see the other drive in windows explorer, and get your data off it.
good luck