Question Bad sata ports or Missing Driver?

Bittah Wizard

Mar 6, 2015
Hello all my issue is that I recently bought a new 2tb HDD for more game storage, plugged it in got windows to recognize it and started downloading a game onto it. until it suddenly stopped doing anything. windows was reporting 100% usage but 0kb read/write. upon trying to restart my computer hung until I pressed the power button. now when my computer restarts it hang on the windows 10 loading screen if the drive is plugged in. if not it all works fine.

my motherboard has 2 white sata ports and 4 black ones. currently the only ones that seem to work are the white ones.

when i try to use the new drive in one of the white ones it all works fine. if i plug my old drive that was working fine on the white sata port to black the computer hangs again at loading screen. so i'm pretty sure it's the sata ports or i'm missing a driver?

i have tried:
using a different sata cable
using all 4 different black sata ports
using different power from my PSU

sometimes i can get it into windows and initiate a file transfer to the disk but it just hangs again at 100% usage with 0 kb read/write.