Bad sectors in first 100 gigs of drive?


Sep 14, 2011
I have a 1Tb hard drive that has bad sectors in the first 100 gigs. These aren't constant. Everytime I run badblocks -ws the sectors come and up go randomly and with different numbers each time. I tried partitioning off the first 100 gigs and just running badblocks on the last 900 gigs and the last 900 gigs seem perfect everytime I test them. Should I trust the latter part of this drive or just throw the whole thing out.
bad sectors are created when the drive head hits the platter while reading/writing creating a scratch. the scratch will start to oxidise or rust and it will spread untill your whole drive become unredable

my advice to you is to backup whatever you have from a drive and get a new one or try returning your current one if its covered under warranty
Although I do agree with the above, there is a way around it.

But it will require a reinstall of your OS anyway.

You could partition up the drive into 2 parts: the first 100GB, and then all the rest.

Don't allocate, format,or activate the first partition, leave it "blank" or "RAW."

Then install your OS to the second partition. Your system will be a little slower, as it's not reading the first 100GB of the drive, which are typically the faster, but it'll work.

If this is something you'd like to try, let me know. I can draw up how to do it during a Windows install.

I don't think shrinking the volume in Disk Management will work, as you will need to move the first 100GB, not the last.