Question Bad stuttering in every game, could Ryzen be the issue ?

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That's why I crossed out the cable question. I didn't really think that one through.

There was the earlier Latencymon results pointing towards kernel drivers, but the C drive is an NVMe - that doesn't use any cables.
The friend has similar hardware, but experienced similar symptoms? SUPPOSEDLY, all that's different is the cpu and motherboard... but SUPPOSEDLY, an ex-HDD later, and there's no problems?
IDK... it feels like we're still at step 1...
Anyone else you can ping that may know about this and maybe has not seen it yet? They can try to throw their hat in the ring like @Rouge_One or something?
May 6, 2021
Have been playing games for 8 hours today, havent had 1 stutter in any of my games. So happy.

Yes I had SAM enabled. I used to use AMD auto detect to install chipset drivers.
My NVME is fine, as I have run games on the nvme, my ssd, and an external HDD with both systems.

Look at this now - this is the game that would stutter the worst. Not a single stutter
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