Bad video card? XFX R9 270X, no video output at all.


May 15, 2014
I just purchased a XFX R9 270x to crossfire with my Powercolor R9 270x. I bought it used from another redditor. He assured me nothing was wrong with it but I'm having trouble getting it to work.

Pc Specs
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 rev 4.0
AMD FX-8350
650W power supply
8gb of DDR3 RAM (2x4gb)
Powercolor R9 270X
Windows 7

First off I know the PSU is slightly underpowered but I did use a website (I can't remember the name now) to make sure I could run both cards. With what I have in it 550W was recommended which is less than the 650W I have. Power aside when I hooked everything up today windows would not recognize the second card. I flashed the BIOS on the motherboard with the most up to date firmware with no luck. I looked through the BIOS to make sure I wasn't missing any sort of setting there but had no luck. The fans on the card do spin up and I switched the power connectors around to make sure that wasn't the problem with no luck.

I decided to test the XFX card by itself so I removed my Powercolor card and moved the XFX to the first PCIE16x slot. The fans spin up and the PC seems to boot and start windows but I get no video output, not even a BIOS splash screen. I have a TV hooked up via HDMI but I also have a monitor with DVI, I've tried both with no luck. I do not get any post code beeps either. I've also checked to make sure it was seated properly and tried both sets of auxiliary power connectors.

So I'm thinking the card is bad but I wanted to post here just to make sure I'm not overlooking anything before I message the redditor. It seems odd to me that the system seems to boot into windows, I would think that a bad video card would give me some post code beeps. Is it possible the motherboard thinks the video card is working and passes the post test even though I'm not getting any video output?

I can't think of anything else to try, any suggestions?