Bad Warranty


Aug 4, 2011
I have run ASUS motherboards for at least 15 years but that will be come to a end. I was running a ASUS Rampage IV Extreme for the past 10 months. I run a PC Power & cooling Silincer 950W ( Certified at 1380W ) EVGA GTX 570 Classified 975/2341@1,113 volts(the highest the OC tuner will allow and they are also in SLI 16X / 16X , Intel 3930K@5.yways 2Ghz with 1.42 volts , RevoDrive3X2 480 but its a bit of a freak in ATTO benchmark I get 3.8MB/s Read and a steady 950MB/s Write. ADATA 60BG boot drive. Liquid silicone cooled PCXS RX 360 ran to the XSPC full coverage video cards that reached a max of 24C/25C to a older MCP600 pump to aCooltherm 240 dual colesore and then to a COOLGATE 480 Triple core to a MCP655 pump to a EK-Supream HF copper nickle plated modded the jet with two 1/2 inch CPU 30C is max it has ever reached and the to a resevior with fish tank filter material. I uae Weskwood 600 Brahe fluid ( works better then water ) . Then 1 day i updated the bios to the new 1202 and got a 01 earror so RMAed wouldn't installed Window's 7 so RMAed again np but it had a old bios so decided to update to 1202 again and what do you think ? 01 error RMAed again but this time it had scratched taces bent pins broken hold down and if I wanted it fixed I would have to pay for a new motherboard . I have pictures of the socket showing it perfect like the ones before. Should I take them to court or not ? I am getting either a Bigbang Power II or a EVGA Classified anywaould I make a but should I make a point and sew them or forget it ? What do you think . I would like your opinions please.


Apr 5, 2011
Forget it. If you sue, the only real winners here are the lawyers. Unless you are sitting on piles of money, don't waste it. Vote with your wallet and let others know of your bad experience, as you are doing right now.


Apr 29, 2012

+1 agree with fb39ca4, waste of time and money.

if you used a credit card call your cc company up. most of them will stand behind a vendor warranty if it three years and it only one and the product fails they may help you in doing what called a charge back. the second thing i would do is send a registered letter one to the head of customer service for your country. the other to a manager of products for your country.
i would send a letter of non satisfaction up the chain if they try and blow you off. if your in the us all you need to do is walk into your local court house and pay a small fee for small claims case. make sure you have all your email and anything showing that other people have had issue with that mb and the new bios or how the bios was flashed. show that there bios damaged a good board under warranty and it replacment and that the replacement was damaged in shipping not by user error. if asus says the board was damaged when it got there did you put insurance on the mb. if you did call asus and put a claim in.