Question Baffled on problem with cpu fans

Apr 20, 2019
I’ve had this computer 2 years now. About a year and a half ago I started having a problem with the CPU fan the that came with the computer. I think this happened after starting the computer and accidentally hitting the power cord and turning off the computer almost simultaneously. The problem was on startup it would make this very loud and annoying grinding kind of noise. It did usually go away after about a minute, but after time it got worse.

So I installed a new cpu fan which seemed to have solve the issue for a while, problem is it started doing it again and got worse over time as well to the point where it always made the rattling noise. I did not notice any high temps on my cpu though.

So just the other day I put in a brand new fan. Immediately after turning the computer on it starts making the noise and goes away after a couple minutes. Upon start up it took me to the bios with a cpu fan error message. I wasn’t sure what I should do so I just exited without making any changes. Also my temps have been perfectly fine (24-30 degrees idle).

If anyone had any advice for this it would be extremely appreciated. Also is there anything I should change in the bios? It keeps coming up every time I start my computer.

Pre build cyber power pc
Windows 10
Amd Ryzen 5 1400
Asus b350m-a motherboard

Replaced fan was a cooler master t2
New fan is an arctic freezer 7 pro


There's no way 3 different fans like that, especially as different as Arctic and CM, can all make the same grinding noise. So the issue isn't the fan itself, but I'm betting that there's a wire that's not tucked away neat and clean, and it's hitting one of the fans. Of course you go rummaging around in there to change the cooler, it gets moved. But plastics have a memory and will gradually bend back, so will the wire, right back into the fan. This can happen to any fan, even the psu.

If it's the same noise all 3 times, it's possible it's not the cpu fan at all but that's just your assumption. Could be the rear exhaust fan too, the bearings could be running low on grease that's old and packed with dirt, when it heats up it gets more fluid it lubricates better.

Check you actually put the fan connector in right. If you miss a pin, it'll flag the warning.
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