Jan 23, 2010
I have a
2.40 ghz Intel Core2 Quad 6600
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
4096 kilobyte secondary memory cache
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
Cooler master CM Sphere and 2 additional case fans.
Titan Case Tower

My computer ran fine and stayed pretty cool up until I accidently bumped into it the other day. Now when I boot up I get this error message "CPU Fan
failure or fan running to slow". I continued to boot up because the fan was running and I started speedfan. The normal rpm speed of my cooler master fan is 2200rpm +/-10%.

Speed fan is now reporting:
RPM Speed 2300
GPU Temp: 78c
Temp1: 47c
Temp 2: 44c
Temp 3: 17c
Core: 59c

I completely cleaned out all of the dust from my case and the temp dropped a few celsius but it is still running hot. I also checked to see if I dislodged the fan in some way and it is still firmly on there. Can anyone give me some ideas as to why my computer is all of a sudden running much hotter?
Did you check the connection of the fan power cable to the connector on the motherboard while you were down there?

Those temperatures are interesting, but can you tell us what they were before to compare?
Try again with HWmonitor. It might be able to tell us what temp1, 2 and 3 are.

The GPU temperature looks normal but the CPU temperature is high. As a last resort if nothing else works, I would reseat the thing with new thermal grease.

Can you tell us where on the case you bumped it? Although unlikely (grasping at straws), perhaps you knocked one of the pins on the heatsink connection to the motherboard loose.

I am unfamiliar with that error. If someone her could shine a light on that we might be able to pin down the problem.


Jan 23, 2010
I apologize for getting back to you both sooner however I was out of town on family emergency. I bumped the computer case right where 1 of my external fans is located. My leg hit it while sleeping. Yes I did check the fan seating on the motherboard and it seemed fine. I did download HWmonitor and it gave me a little lower #'s on the GPU and Core.

Core: 52c
GPU: 64c

It also did not define for me what temp 1,2,3 were.

I will pull out the motherboard and reseat the CPU fan with new grease maybe that will work. I still do not know what to do about my GPU though? Anything else you can think of let me know.