Question Bandwidth control?

Jul 18, 2019
Hi dear masters
Forgive me for my poor English language
I have two requests from my modem
1. Bandwidth control of users
2-Wi-Fi off and on scheduling(timing)
In your opinion,what do I do?
Can I use a modem with this feature, or connect a router to my current modem?
Thank you very much
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Everything you see on that page is completely worthless on a router connected to the internet. They just want to make it look complicated so people think it actually does something. Anything related to DSCP or precedence is removed by the ISP.

You have little options if your router does not support it, you have to buy one that does.

Be aware a router has a extremely small cpu so even fairly advanced QoS is limited in its abilities. Saying "bandwidth control of users" is way to general, You might get some ability to limit by ip or mac address. To really do advanced stuff you need a device like a pc that has powerful cpu.
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What is your connection speed? are you trying to shape or control bandwidth caps? are you trying to avoid some lag on some service?

Most devices run out dated qdisc. limiters can work well and are more widely available. You might have to buy some new hardware to do what you want. with any type of shaping you will have to sacrifice a portion of your total speed in order to guarantee speeds for any device. your connection also has to be very consistently at the speed you pay for.