Bandwidth limit


Feb 17, 2012
hello all. i hope all the techies out there will be able to help me

i have a pc inside the house. i am able to connect to the internet tru our computer shop that is just beside our house. lately i am experiencing lagness whenever i use the internet. pages wont load. i cant connect to my online game. i already contacted our ISP and they tell me there is really nothing wrong with our connection. so i went to our comp shop and opened facebook. i was able to open it. even load a few games in fb. i also tried connecting to my favorite online game and i was able to connect.

so i concluded that my brother is limiting the speed of my pc. i tried renaming my computer and changing the ip of my computer. but i still experience lagness. few months ago, i discovered that he has installed netlmiter to my pc. i uninstalled it and formatted my pc. after i formatted i can open games in facebook and go online in flyff. then after i woke up, everything is the same. i think he is now limiting my speed tru the server.

i dont use too much bandwidth. i use the internet for facebook and gaming only. i dont watch videos on youtube and i dont dowload songs or movies. my brother does that tru torrent

i want to know how can i counteract this. i am not a techy person so pls enumerate the step by step procedure on how to do this

thanks to all those who will reply :)


If your brother is in charge of the setup hes just going to keep figuring out something to limit you. Working it out with your brother is really the only option here if you don't have control over the setup.

There sure are a lot of post on here with this exact same issue, seems like such an odd thing to fight over bandwidth.


Feb 1, 2012
Your experience truly shows as the problem is at your place only. Neither your ISP nor your router manufacturer can help in this regard. There are two options here:

(1) You need to discuss this problem with your brother and get a solution as downloading and YouTube stuffs when you are offline with your work.

(2) Or you may try this:

Read it carefully with patience and if you like it, get its trial version and upon the result, you can decide as what to do. All the best!!!