Bandwidth Usage Through the Roof


Jul 13, 2015
So every time I turn on my PC, the internet slows down for every other device online EXCEPT for my computer. My PC uses all of the internet and no other device can get online, not even to search a webpage. Sometimes it boots others off of the internet. How do I fix this?
If you have Windows 10 (I *think* 8/8.1 allow it too) you can sort processes in your task manager by network usage:

Open Task Manager
Go to "Performance" Tab
Click on the "Network" column heading

Every second the list will sort itself with the most network intensive processes at the top.

When you've identified which process or processes are gobbling your bandwidth, see if you can figure out what it is and what it's doing. It might be legit (Steam downloading game updates for example) or it might be malware up to no good. Malware will probably hide itself an otherwise un-suspicious windows service, so it's sometimes harder to naildown. But find your offending process is step 1.