Bandwith PCI placement GTX285


Aug 8, 2009
Is there any chance that the Asus matrix GTX 285 does not exceed the x8 lane bandwith? (I know gtx 260 does not for sure)
because i was thinking about getting the complete rog set with, rampage II and 3x Asus matrix gtx 285, but since the rampage II does have only x16 x8 x8, is it better if i get other boards that did x16 x16 x8?
i don't think it would be an issue seems how they are pci-e 2.0 slots

though why not wait until the benchmarks of the Radeon 5870 are released, from what it looks like it may be a bit of a jump from the 48x0 series so it actually mey be good to wait

also this would give you dx11 cards for the future (the GTX285's are not even 10.1)