Bare Drive


Oct 11, 2011
People have said elsewhere that "bare hard drive" just means no cables or other connectors, but when I look at Amazon, some of the pictures show the actual metal disc and the read/write head exposed with no housing at all, which seems insane to me. How could it possibly not malfunction when exposed to the various hazards of the typical home office? I guess you could buy some kind of enclosure, but even that wouldn't necessarily be dust-proof.

This is an example of what I mean:

as opposed to this:

where you can see the second one has an aluminum or maybe stainless steel housing which provides the connectors for plugging it into a USB docking station and is tightly sealed.

I need a new drive and like the one at the first link, but I don't want a drive with all of its components exposed.

Thanks for your help and sorry to seem so ignorant...