Jan 7, 2014
Hello everyone. Yesterday my system booted up without beeps and it showed 8.00GB RAM (7.95GB usable) (instead of 16.00GB and around 16.00GB usable) in PC specs. I updated the BIOS, and it was fixed.

But today, 10 minutes ago, display suddenly showed no signal while PC was running, i heard no beeps and red led turned on MOBO(MSI EzDebug) and it said RAM was problem. I restarted PC and it beeped 3 times. In MSI MOBOs that means "base 64k memory failure". Now i have just 16.00GB (7.95GB usable) showing in computer properties. RGB lights work as normal*.

Is one of my RAM modules dead, is it damaged or something else? Did RAM slot die, is it MOBO fault? How can i diagnose what is the problem?

My specs:

Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.2GHz (stock)
MSI B350M Gaming Pro
G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 2x8GB 3000MHz (running at 2933MHz, XMP mode on)
Gainward GTX 1070 8GB
Patriot Blast 240GB
2TB HDD Toshiba
31.5" 1440p AOC monitor

All drivers and BIOS updates are newest.
* - when there is problem with RAM(few times it dropped to 2133MHz), RGB behavior can't be changed, its just stuck on default rainbow mode. I ussualy update BIOS, or check if XMP is on, after that it goes back to 2933MHz and after that i can change colors as i wish