Question Basic Internal Hard Drive Question

Hello All,
I need a new internal hard drive just for some archival storage. Because I have one file that is approx. 4 terabytes large, I would like to buy one single 6 terabyte drive. This file will be mirrored with other external drives, but I would still like a durable, dependable and fairly fast drive for my internal storage solution. Presently I have 3 SSDs and one Western Digital Black one terabyte hard drive in my computer. It is presently configured as such;

C: drive is a 500 GB Samsung SSD

D: drive is a 500 GB SSD that is strictly used for downloads only

E: drive is 250 GB SSD that is used to store Macrium images and a couple of VHD files

F: drive is a Western Digital black 7200 RPM hard drive that I use as my daily work space

Externally I am running a Western Digital My Book Duo with two 6 terabyte hard drives run in RAID for redundancy of my data

So my question is, should I buy a 6 terabyte Western Digital blue or a black hard drive, or a Seagate Ironwolf Pro? I don't need speed really, but I would like dependability because my files do tend to grow and I need to keep my data safe. This is just a regular home PC, it is not a NAS or any other type of storage device.

Thanks in advance,



They sell actually archival class drives, but it sounds like you backup constantly, so standard drives will do. Just do what I do and get paranoid every few years and replace all of them.

Speaking of which I've had my 3TB drives about 3 years now...