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Jun 28, 2017
Good evening all:

I am moving to an apartment complex very soon which offers "free fast wifi". I have spoken to a few residents and this wifi is broadcast to each separate apartment building without a password. Put another way, roughly 24 to 36 residents in a particular apartment building all have unrestricted access to the same network (there are also two hardwired ports in each apartment). While I have an astoundingly limited knowledge of networking and security, I do know that the thought of transmitting sensitive information (login passwords, banking transactions, etc.) over public wifi is quite worrisome.

May I have some advice regarding what to do in this situation to ensure security and privacy over this network? Off the top of my head, I was toying with the idea of purchasing a personal router through which I could set up a VPN. I will be attending medical school and being able to securely transmit data (powerpoints, emails, financials, sensitive clinical information, etc.) between my cell phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop is highly attractive.

If you were in my situation, how would you approach this problem. Any explanation is appreciated, especially one basic enough for me to understand. Additionally, any advice regarding privacy/security/hardware set up beyond this networking issue would be quite welcomed.

Thank you!
If you're only transmitting school assignments, it's not that worrisome. If you were to transmit sensitive corporate/business information, then it's a very dangerous.

I would be more concerned about your devices/computers connected to the unsecured wifi network because anyone can get access to it easily without intrusion protection. If you're concerned about this, which you should be, you should run your own network.
Jun 11, 2018
Used in a typical home security camera installation setting, the outside wireless cameras change to the normal hardwired camera. They will need some type of electrical power, but that can be provided by a standard electrical channel. There are ones that are battery powered but to remain on all day can consume the battery quickly. You can find solar powered cameras but they could lose power in the event of successive rainy days or cloudy weather. Still, if you don't want to go through the problem of hardwiring your cameras they might be a good option for you.
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